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DELL PowerEdge 1400SC Server Motherboard 1H734

Processor type Intel Pentium III
Nominal frequency 1.26
Tualatin CPU core
The maximum number of processors 2
512KB secondary cache
FSB 133MHz processor

ECC SDRAM memory types
Standard memory capacity of 128MB
4GB maximum memory capacity

SCSI hard disk type
Hard disk capacity of 18.2
SCSI dual-channel Ultra 160 SCSI controller
Ultra ATA 100 IDE controller

10/100M adaptive Ethernet card type

Motherboard expansion slot 6

Electrical performance
Power supply type PFC non-redundant power supplies standard
Power Number 1
Rated voltage 240
Rated Power 330

Other parameters
Operating system Windows NT, Windows2000

Environmental parameters
Working temperature 10 - 35
Humidity 8% - 80%
Working height 3048
Storage Temperature -40 - 65
Storage Humidity 5% - 95%
Storage height of 10600

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